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A Beginners’ Guide to Keto Diets

Ketogenic diets, as well known as keto diets, are generally known for being such diets low in carbohydrates and high in fats as compared to the traditional American diets. Once your body happens to have adapted to the ketogenic diets, it turns from the use of the carbohydrates and glucose for fuel and makes use of ketones instead.

By and large, there are lots of health benefits that accrue to the body as a result of the switch from the use of the carbohydrates and glucose for fuel to the use of ketones. These are such as in the fact that this kind of adaptation that happens in the body gets to improve the breakdown of fats and the process of oxidation and this actually happens to benefit the body in ways more than one like in the sense that it gets to improve the body’s health, composition, performance and longevity.

In case you happen to be holding to such thoughts as to transitioning to the use of the keto diets, going forward, there are some of the basic facts about these diets that you need to know of going in for the use of the diets anyway. One thing that you need to know of when it comes to these is that the amount of carbohydrates, fats, and protein that will be called for so as to have such a well balanced and formulated keto diet will differ from one person to the other and this is mainly dependent on the goals. All said and done, it is to be known that in the event that you happen to be taking some kind of dietary protocol that basically is seeing you lower your carbohydrate intake sufficiently as to induce a state of ketosis, such a diet may be well considered to be a ketogenic diet.

Read on in this post and see much more on what it is that actually goes into the need to create and design such a well formulated keto diet that will certainly meet all your goals going for the ketogenic diets.

Given the fact that the ketogenic diets are low carb foods, the question that may be troubling for many is whether all kinds of low carb foods would be deemed for being ketogenic diets. In as much as this is the case, ketogenic diets being low in carbohydrates, they are not necessarily to be taken to be synonymous with the common low carbohydrate diets that we happen to be accustomed to from the popular media or even from scientific research. This is for the fact that there isn’t a standard definition for the low carbohydrates mark and as such you will percentages varying in carbohydrate profiles for the foods given out there as low carb in which case some will have percentages as high as 40% but given as low carb while for the standard for the ketogenic diets should be between 5-10% carbohydrates, with 15-25% protein and a larger percentage, between 65-85% fats.

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